F**K You Tony Bundle

F**K You Tony Bundle

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30 ct Cinchona Rona + 30 ct Elderberry Influence
Fight back this season with this double whammy! Save 15% buying these two as a bundle! Bundle is wrapped in tissue with a nice F You Tony sticker ;)
30 capsules of Cinchona Rona: 

Packed with antiviral and immune boosting ingredients; *Cinchona Bark, Zinc, *Vitamin C and *Quercetin this blend has been helpful for things like colds/flus/fevers and the infamous "rona". 

* Denotes organic ingredient 

For colds/flu/fever/viruses : Take 2 caps daily with food for 7-14 days. (2 can be taken at the same time) 

For daily supplementation:  1-2 capsules daily with food. 

As always all organic, natural or raw.

Beef gelatin capsule - non gmo, gluten free, kosher  

Always consult with your healthcare provider before starting plant based supplementation.

Stronger Fitness LLC makes no claims that it’s products, therapies or services will cure disease. Statements made about products, therapies or services have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Do not take if nursing or pregnant without discussing with your healthcare professional.  

Great article to read for more info on Cinchona bark;



30 capsules of Elderberry Influence

Fight back against colds, flu and allergies.

Take 1 capsule daily at the first sign of cold or flu, or take daily during the season. 

This immune boosting blend includes *Elder Berry, *Echinacea and *Turmeric, vitamins *C, B6 and zinc. 

*Denotes organic ingredient

Beef gelatin capsule, non gmo, gluten free, halal and kosher. 

Customer Reviews

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Lori Stekly
Great products that work

I love the bundle deal, as two in my household were very sick with influenza and immediately started using the Rona. I immediately began using the Elderberry Influence and stayed healthy!

Thank you Laurie for amazing service and great products that work at Stronger Fitness!!


FU Tony

Contracted covid 2 weeks ago, hit Laurie up for a solution,
After 2 days of using her regiment, symptoms subsided, and 3 days later covid test came back negative.
Thank you Stronger Fitness!

Fixed my immune system

After COVID my body couldn't seem to recover. I was constantly getting sick and healed slowly. Laurie literally helped me get my life back! After sticking to my Stronger Fitness supplements it's been 5 straight months of good health and counting. THANK YOU!!!

Steve Henager
Immunity big pharma despises.

Big pharma has been hiding simple truths from us, to keep us buying their unnatural and unsafe products to consume. We now have natural products that will keep us protected from viruses that would usually make their way in our systems but are eradicated before even getting the chance thanks to Stronger Fitness. Thank you, Laurie! You’re a God send for so many people.

NovaX~Dragon Dragon
Quality Products!!

Thank you Laurie!! Great products and I'll be ordering the Crushed very soon!