Crushed (formerly Crushing Inflammation)

Crushed (formerly Crushing Inflammation)

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Same formula, new label and name ;)

This powerhouse is great for arthritis, inflammation, strains, sprains, bruises, or after surgery. Also helps lower blood pressure....BONUS!

ONLY 1 capsule a day best taken after a meal the first two weeks.

Ingredients include: *turmeric, *bromelain, *cat's claw, *ginger, *quercetin and *black pepper for absorption.

Beef Gelatin capsule: Gluten free, halal, kosher non gmo.

*Denotes organic ingredient 

Our ingredients are always organic, wild, natural, non gmo with no fillers. Six month shelf life after opening. Always consult with your healthcare professional when starting plant based supplementation. 

Stronger Fitness LLC makes no claims that it’s products, therapies or services will cure disease. Statements made about products, therapies or services have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Customer Reviews

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Migraine relief!

I started taking crushed to help with high blood pressure, but was surprised when my migraines stopped completely. I've had chronic migraines (15-20/month) for 17 years and since starting Crushed I haven't had one! I've tried every natural remedy and pharmaceutical (leaving me with side effects) so this was a complete miracle. Thank you Lori!

Stacey Bell (SAILBUM)

I’ve tried different supplements over the years and never saw any effect from them. Crushed from Stronger Fitness was the first supplement that I can see and feel the effects after the first use! My blood pressure has leveled off to a healthy level, my joints don’t hurt anymore, my hands don’t have that tight feeling when I make a fist anymore and no more swelling in my ankles after standing, walking or sitting too long!!! My inflammation is under control and I am so happy with how I feel every day now!
Thank you Laurie Alves for sharing your knowledge of herbs and your drive to find alternatives to the big pharma scam! I feel like I’ve been searching so long for alternatives and I’m so glad I found you!




I am grateful for the “ notify me when back in stock”. Laure notified me, I purchased, received my order in less than 1 week. This girl is thankful for Stronger Fitness and Laurie’s commitment to health and sharing her knowledge with others! So far, after supplementing for a week, I’m feeling less inflammation in my aging joints. Thank you Laure (and Mike for the recommendation)

Marc Post
I feel good

Reduces pain helps keep my blood pressure in check

Odessa Red
Trust Stronger Fitness! 💖

I just started using this product and already I feel a difference in my hand joints!… a major bonus is that it’s all natural, organic non gmo, and hand processed! .. you can’t find a better value! 💖💖 Much love from a #Dilley300 💖